A.G.S. Technical Department offers professional consultancy on customer designs, providing tailor-made solutions for the manufacture of moulds for series production and their best mechanical configuration.

The company also offers a full, idea-to-production design service, from 3D design to engineering dimensioning, to the manufacture of sample prototypes and finally, making the actual production mould. We offer a well-established process providing detailed control of the project.

A.G.S. can also produce compact polyurethane moulded products
with good mechanical properties.


Starting from existing customer drawings or working from the initial idea stage, our technicians are ready to offer our customers sound and specific engineering solutions, using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM design software.


Prototyping is carried out using CNC machines and carefully finished as required.

  • 1:1 scale prototypes
  • Prototypes for tooling
  • Post moulding templates
  • Templates for drilling


Mould production ranges to cover the variety of polyurethane types and their different engineering designs. With A.G.S., each project is optimised for efficiency in terms of production times and costs.

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We can also offer production moulding services for compact PUR items with good mechanical properties.